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But now that the companies are under indictment, imagine if we did not know what they had done.There is already so much wrong and corruption in the right wing already and to say that online poker is morally wrong or dangerous to the youth is hypocritical.FT is still allowing US players to play real money games at of 445pm CST but for how long.But in this sense they are correct: The Nevada Resort Association so gutted their original bill that what could pass, unless the cloud of suspicion kills it, essentially does nothing.

That same day, in the Northern District of Nevada, Assembly Judiciary Chairman William Horne introduced a bill on behalf of PokerStars designed to circumvent the act by legalizing Web poker in the state.CardPlayer has provided poker players with poker strategy, poker news, and poker results.One man grand jury questions. Certain evidence used at a GJ to get True Bill indictment is not always presented.Anyway This is just BS i thought bout cashing out but then i think cashing out may not be a good idea since they are probably watching stuff like im staying away from now, i will just ran and call the DoJ full of sh%%.Online poker industry ponders next move. "They lied to banks about the true nature of their business," FBI official Janice Fedarcyk said. the indictment alleges.And at the end of the night. poker is about making the CORRECT move no matter WHAT the pot is worth.

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If you have friends that are out of the country you can still transfer money to them from your account you just can not bet.Does the fact that the players are in the U.S. mean that section 1955 applies.The Unlawful Internet Gambling Act was Piggybacked to a Port Safety Bill by the Bush Administration in 2006 so before you start spurting off at the mouth with all the asinine Tea Bagger rhetoric try doing some research. here are a couple links for you.Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the. haunting true-life murder mystery. it is a searing indictment of the callousness and prejudice.Please do not post any private information unless you want it to be available publicly.

Local Business Pleads Guilty To Federal Gambling Violations. Local Business Pleads Guilty To Federal Gambling. Some of the devices were video poker.

This applies to the 76 seized accounts which we can presume holds your deposits.Why not get the foreign IP like you are saying, then have them mail your winnings in Canadian dollars, or American dollars if possible, to a American address.I would assume this would come as a big blow to Cardplayer, Poker-Pro, etc. being that nearly 100% of their revenue comes from advertising by the online poker sites.This benefits no one except the religious nut jobs and the idiots that suck at it and lost a ton playing.Molly's Game: The Most-Awaited Tell-All in Poker. It's also true that by now several well-known poker pros had. In the indictment later issued by the FBI.The allegations state that the poker companies illegally coerced U.S. of Justice’s recently unsealed indictment. Full Tilt Poker issued a. true. They are poor.No doubt, we all have a voice and we need to use it and use it wisely otherwise before we know it we are going to find ourselves reverting back to a Feudal System (which not surprisingly paved the way for Capitalism, funny how the rich keep it pulling the wool over the sheeps eyes.).With Calvin Ayre being indicted this week he now has the chance to show that he is the true Defender of the online poker Faith.Every day around 4:30 Joseph "Scoops" Licata. video poker machine operations that are at the. a bookmaker are linked to Licata in the indictment.

Yahoo Entertainment: Being in this secret poker world with celebrities and producers, you’ve seen a side of Hollywood that most people will never see.Before you conclude I am one of those anti-Web poker zealots, the reverse is true: I used to play online before President George W.At least when I play poker I decide when and how much I will risk.Now you have hundreds of millions (most of the population) in their own personal debt and high interest BS because they were handed out credit by institutions the past 25 years as easily as catching money falling from trees like.They will shutdown the existing sites for about a year then some type of regulation will get done.Read about some of the major failed poker sites that. and rakeback deals that were too good to be true. Lock Poker showed tremendous initial promise and at.Full Tilt Poker issued a statement Friday night, explaining that while they do not agree with the actions taken by the Department of Justice, they have decided to suspend all U.S. players from their real money games.

Online poker is not a crime and should not be treated as such.They have no problem fighting about cutting education funding and taking care of the poor and elderly.A law is passed years ago and the worlds largest site (at the time) Party Poker, closed doors to americans along with others.It seems like poker players in the former Soviet Union have more freedom than Americans.Harrahs, MGM and other casinos are lobbying for their own online poker sites.A true bill as it respects John PL Jones,. laid in the indictment,. The Trial of John H. Jones, First Lieutenant of the Privateer Schooner Revenge,.

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Online poker companies indicted. "They lied to banks about the true nature of their. The indictment shines a light on Internet gambling in the.If they were not in compliance by then the Justice Department would prosecute.If they think they will force me to put my money into the stock market instead they got another thing coming.

Taken together, it would appear that the DOJ has a very weak case, but it will take years to adjudicate.

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Anyway the main sites were all set up with a program that met standards that if the sites were legalized and taxxed that they would be able to stay up and running.

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The opportunity for the US like other countries to cash in a mult-million dollar industry and potentially help the country pay down the debt is within its grasp.Conn's attorney entered a not guilty plea to escape and failure to appear charges that were outlined in an indictment unsealed while Conn was still. True!.I am expecting them to shut out US players on Monday when their business office opens.If they do not have an account tell them to open one and just park the money in that account or have them cash it out.Anyone find it funny that Washington D.C. started there own poker site the same week. Corruption.

Clearing the way for Harrahs and MGM to dominate the online gaming market.The fact that they have really been flaunting the law by taking bets from US players on non-poker games, maybe they will just stay open for business as usual.This is inescapable: Horne and his pal, Commerce Chairman Kelvin Atkinson, as well as state Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, went on trips sponsored by a company that was under federal investigation and has been and is again accused of operating illegally.This allows you to use a server outside the U.S. so that your IP address appears to be foreign.

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