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He kept losing and borrowed money from friends, ran up his credit cards and sold his jewelry at a pawn shop.

Chan probably just wanted to not ride that short stack out another day.Add in runner-runner ks, 5s, or k5, and he probably thinks he is actually a slight favorite, about 11:10.Read About Your Favorite Poker Pro At Our Poker Profile Section. Poker Profile. Johnny Chan. Chan was born in. Player Profile; Poker News.View Johnny Chan's business profile at Free Poker Bank and see work history, affiliations and more.The only way he can win big pot sizes is if he does play aggresive and bluff.Johnny Chan was born in Canton, China later moving to Hong Kong with his family, however Johnny did not settle there, instead at the age of nine Johnny and his family.Erik Seidel (born November 6, 1959. Seidel was runner-up in the 1988 World Series of Poker Main Event to Johnny Chan. Only five players in the history of the.

Chan is absolutely one of the most well known and respected players in the world, but I think I could beat him.Hellmuth is a weak cash game player and Johnny is one of if not the best.

You should just crawl in a whole and stick a thumb in your ass.Chan also participated in the WSOP Tournament of Champions events and the National Heads-Up Poker Championship in.Bottom line is if you suck at poker. you would go bankrupt very quickly there.Johnny Chan poker results, stats, photos, videos, news, magazine columns, blogs, Twitter, and more.Ok, If you won the WSOP twice back to back at a TON of money, of course your going to play the next couple World Series more liberally.

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Slickrick, you are obviously one of the least intelligent people to have posted something on this site.which makes you even more of an idiot then you would probably wish to believe.

His first year as a professional gambler was the worst experience of his life.Johnny Chan holds an immortalizing poker record that prognosticators say might never be broken. You can also find here poker player profiles, tournament poker.Phil Hellmuth is one of the most recognisable poker players on the. WSOP Main event when he beat Johnny Chan heads up. PROFILE; Phil Hellmuth #1_Lucky.I never mentioned Chan in my post you prick so get your fucking facts right.He is one of only 2 people to win the main event 3 times.and he only entered it 3 times.An insight into the world of high stakes poker and the Big Game with Poker King. players including the great Johnny Chan. Poker player profile. Winfred Yu.His family emigrated to the U.S. when he was 9, and ended up in Houston, where his family owned Chinese restaurants.

Even though he was learning the ropes and was talented, his losses mounted.The movie shows actual footage from the hand when Chan won his second WSOP Main Event, trapping the then-young and inexperienced Erik Seidel into moving all-in with a pair of queens when Chan held the nut straight.He was going to continue in the family business, but when he was 16 he went on a junket to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anyone in this room who claims they can consistently beat him is just blowing hot air up their own ass to inflate an already oversized ego."johnny chan san diego" Profession: Professional Poker Player. Johnny Chan – Poker Player Profile. The legend of Johnny Chan began in 1957 in Guangzhou,.So is Johnny Chan broke?. I'm afraid the image of 'poker player' is changing for the. Among poker recorders, Johnny Chan rules as an especially poker.But he handled it very well as a gentleman.he had a good read on his opponents and may have been throwing out some false betting patterns and consistenly playing his hands in a certain way to trp his opponents later on.He owns a fast-food franchise in the Las Vegas Stratosphere Hotel and is a consultant for various casinos and game makers.

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Personal Life Johnny Chan was born in Guangzhou, China, in 1957. He and his family moved to Hong Kong in 1962, and later relocated to the United States of America.

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Chan says that being one of few Asian poker players in Vegas during his early days gave him an advantage.When Johnny was 21 he dropped out of the University of Houston, where he was majoring in hotel and restaurant management, and moved to Las Vegas to become a professional gambler.One of the best players in the world, for that matter in history.Profiles, bios, quotes and career. We're working hard to keep adding new players and new information to existing player profile pages. Johnny Chan; L.

Poker's big on TV right now. There must be some Jewish professional poker players out there. Let's see. Johnny Chan, Scotty Nguyen, obviously not.Johnny Chan is a poker. A key pillar of our marketing campaign includes endorsements from high profile. and Johnny Chan (professional poker player).The first two times he entered it he won, but he also entered it again a few times between 83 and 97, but he lost ( he didnt even make the final table those years).

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Why would you if u could win 200,000 -300,000 a nite at the big game instead of 5 day tourneys.That pic of him on the top of the page is probably after he called his whole stack with a K high flush draw when Maker had the A hi to knock him out.Report a problem with this profile. Johnny Chan was born in Canton,. Johnny is the last player in poker history to have won back to back WSOP Main Event.A players' guide to poker, covering poker rules, strategies, poker rooms and the latest poker news.

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