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Russ Hamilton took on a consultant-like role ( although he was an owner of eWorld Holdings, which.. Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker was fighting. Fighting for its Life: Absolute Poker Makes a. been described as the largest cheating scandal in online poker.

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Cause: Insider cheating, incompetent management, misappropriation of player funds.Cereus and Full Tilt imploded after the indictments were unsealed.Compare this information that would treat foreign subsidiaries of U.Two Months Remain to Submit AP-UB. superuser” scandal years before and witnessed. as many believed Absolute Poker players were the.It is rumored that another former WSOP Main Event winner who was very close to Russ, Mansour Matloubi, was brought in financially from the out-set as well 1.

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The KGC stated that UltimateBet would refund all players that were cheated.A former Ultimate Bet executive, Jim Ryan,. over former ub ceo jim ryan s role. isn’t the only person from Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker who has resurfaced...Iovation, a company derived from UltimateBet, tried to sneak into the regulated Nevada poker market.DOJ Will Begin Refunding Absolute Poker Funds Seized On. an ambitious attempt to tell the story of Ultimate Bet cheating scandal via. Online Poker Report.The ClubWPT subscription poker site uses the old UltimateBet software.That is the time that high stakes players at the Two Plus Two poker forum began to realize that there was cheating at the high stakes no limit tables.Their software would keep the look and feel of the previous UB software but it was really just a skin of Absolute Poker with a different color scheme and logo.

Shareholders were eventually stiffed by the newly formed company that went through several shell games.All entities were acquired by Tokwiro Enterprises in October 2006.

All of this was exposed when the site was still up and running.Part I of how Russ Hamilton masterminded the UltimateBet super-user scandal.As concerns grew over its existence, our sources said that it was agreed upon by upper-management that there would be no version updates to the tool, effectively making it obsolete and unusable when UltimateBet software was updated.Further research showed that NioNio, and another cheating account Nopaddles, had their usernames changed by UltimateBet support.

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The CEO of the former software company, Greg Pierson, is CEO of Iovation.General Poker Discussion Beginners Questions Books and Publications Televised Poker News, Views, and Gossip Brick and Mortar Home Poker Beats, Brags, and Variance.Russ is 300lbs of human shit that should get run over one day.

Tags featured, Russ Hamilton, UltimateBet, UltimateBet Scandal.Recording surface of Russ Hamilton admitting guilt in Ultimate Bet cheating scandal;. (no relation to UB). Poker blogger. the merger of UB and Absolute Poker).UltimateBet is brought private to avoid legal exposure to shareholders.Facts have began flying amongst rumors through out online poker world over the last few months as the Absolute Poker Cheating Scandal intertwined with what some refer.

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Join Ultimate Bet (UB) Poker and see if you have the brass to. Absolute Poker,. Absolute Poker, fell victim to a cheating scandal which shook the online poker.Beginners & Experts Welcome.Its been more than five years since the Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker superuser scandal stunned the online poker world,.The site went private after the UIGEA was enacted in the U.S.On March 6, 2008, UltimateBet finally made a public announcement stating that they were investigating the cheating claims.

Greg was a tertiary figure in the poker scene, but he played, and he came to know Russ.Eventually, a consistent story formed about who built the super-user cheating software, who else might have known about the cheating scam, and who exactly were the super-users.The silver bars used to counter his weight fell way short, and a lot more had to be brought in to balance the scales.When affiliates start getting slow-paid, that is a sign that there are financial problems.However, an internal source involved with UltimateBet at the time told us a few of the higher-ups there believed there could be some potential moral consequences in even creating such a tool.These professional players had an ownership stake in the company.

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This money would end up lost when Absolute Poker and UltimateBet had most of their assets seized by the U.S. Government on April 15, 2011, a date referred to as Black Friday in the online poker community.

The user of this account was able to have his username changed after that time.

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Both tried to cover up the crimes and then asserted that the theft was on a much smaller scale.This website does not accept wagers or provide any gambling services.The company refused to acknowledge the accusations even though there was ample proof in poker forums and the company appeared to have known it was going on well before players discovered the irregularities.The observer could see all cards dealt to players at the table.Read the most detailed Absolute Poker review to be found. Absolute Poker was plagued with scandal and. Absolute Poker and UB Poker are both owned by.

And Mansour Matloubi lived in Thailand, doing who knows what.

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Eight superuser victims filed suit against UltimateBet in an attempt to recover stolen funds in January 2011.

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Cereus stops accepting new U.S. players and deposits but allows existing players to stay.Eventually, Greg Pierson spun off a company called Iovation from ieLogic, and became its CEO.

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