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The guy is 6% preflop, 6% flop, then hits runner runner. Unreal. I was doomed from then.The question should not be whether or not online poker sites are rigged, instead the question should be.Either you open your own clean pokersite or you will get cheated thats for sure.

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Everytime I came close to crossing a profit margin I would get destroyed by a low % river.Up to this point I have not met a single player with constant winnings, besides affiliates that work with e.g. Pokerstars.I think, if there was a way to estimate how much longer a tournament would last if the good players, who will probably mainly be tight-aggressive players, especially online, it would be very interesting.

University studies have shown flushes and straights are 10 times more likely online than with a real deck.People saying onlinepoker is rigged are, in my opinion, losers.Firstly, I swear on anything you like that I am not exaggerating one bit about the hands, the timing of them and the amount it happens to me.Shop a wide selection of Poker Tables at Great prices and discounts on the best products with free shipping and free returns on eligible items.The 2 same suited cards with cards that support a str8 in the flops is the oldest stacked deck trick thats been used for 100s of years.The tournaments at The Plaza are fun and are played on poker pro tables (electronic). The tournaments offer low. Read More. VegasFanboy.Many times the thought came to mind that it was rigged, in order that more people play.It also happens to be what is most likely going on, in my opinion.

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Have your say and lets see if they ( Pokerstars ) can finally end the controversy once and for all.Its impossible that a coinflip will end on one side 78 times in row.If you think that it is fair, then you are dreaming are living in a fantasy.The two main sites in question were pokerstars and party poker, but had also played at more than 8 or 9 other main online poker sites during that timeframe before deciding to stop rewarding this current online culture that online poker had morphed into.

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So you can see, I was not nickel and dime wana-be player, I played in stakes that the average none professional would consider extremely challenging on a financial basis.If someone dont believe post your results with holdem manager, show them your ev line, then not one will open his mouth.

Heads up. I got 77. Flop 272. I check, Hero bets. I call. Turn is 5.I can say one thing: cheating may very well be going on and no one would be the wiser.Its stupid what elareh comments here. nobody pushes you to play online. if you think its rigged dont play. in a casino you could get cheated too. if you dont trust just dont play. i am surprised that such a comment is even allowed here. should be deleted.A step further in that direction came from another YouTube video poster whose collage of bad beats occurred against PokerStars Team Pros.Ive seen people get it in with AA and get called by big stacks w k3, they even give the AA a set, then proceed to run out a A8245 board.By the way I have taken screen shots of the above three hands and more besides if there is anyway I can show them.Of course there are players who happens this and then you have to say they ran good.

I am really annoyed by the morons that definitely KNOW that online poker is legit.These hands happened over the space of about 3 hours, I had a couple of decent hands that got me a few chips, nothing huge though and did my usual bluffing when the time was right.Playing a qualifier for the Irish Poker open, it was the final, top 3 got a package.

The site denied any foul play and things could have very well ended there if the software had not glitched.The super user account that cheated was doing it so blatantly it was a joke.I really hope these owners and so called pro s get whats different from what the ceo of bitcoin got.

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Online software is rigged so everyone will eventually be wrecked, not just the bad or unlucky players.Please give it up, play live, play good, and you will see more profit.

A day or two after a deposit I always win no matter how bad I play.Online poker is at an end cause these poker sites dont think longterm.Sure you may think that that was just bad luck, yet I see big pocket pairs up against each other way more often online than offline, at LEAST 4-5x more often.I told i will give one more example one more proof. and so i do. believe it or not.Posting singled-out bad beat stories and cursing the system on blogs and forums, however, will never solve anything.First being the timing of online, sometimes the timing is too perfect with bad beats online.

Learn a winning Spin & Go PokerStars tournament strategy in ICMIZER 2. their attractiveness for professional poker. table shows how Spin & Go buy-ins were.

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Well they are if you study every opponent and understand how pokerstars operates.

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